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Action Plan for 2017-2018. District 1420, Tartu Rotary Club, Estonia.

  1. Participating in joint programme of Estonian Rotary Clubs „Continuing Education Programme for young school headmasters“ initiated by Estonian Rotary Centre Education Foundation.
  2. Scolarships for natural science teachers’ PhD programmes in cooperation with former Tartu University rector prof. J.Kärner Memorial Foundation.
  3. Starting partnership in former Tartu University rector prof. P.Tulviste Memorial Foundation.
  4. Host club for 1 Rotary exchange student from USA.
  5. TRC initiatives in „A hundred years of the Republic of Estonia “ projects:
    1. Festive annual meeting of all Rotary Clubs in Tartu celebrating the anniversary.
    2. Joint project of Tartu Rotary Clubs – Estonian national flag to be more visible in Tartu silhouette. Illuminated national flag to one of the highest points in Tartu – top of historic water supply tower.
  6. Active participating in EREY programme, up to 5 additional PHF-s.
  7. TRC history studies, site visit. Oskar Rütli as the founder of TRC club buried in Helsinki.
  8. RI Matching Grant feasibility studies for a distinguished high priority project of TRC.
  9. Trees to be planted in Tartu urban area as a part of TRC Charter events.


Rein Kinkar

President of TRC 2017/2018